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It is easy to do and well worth the time it takes to enter the information. Although getting the password to work at is a bit touchy, but the 800 number is easy to use and they are quick to help.

This link will get you there:



I've seen and read many statistics that point to as being the number #1 site that consumers visit for their real estate needs. People everywhere are turning to the Internet as they begin the search for a home. offers many powerful tools and resources for consumers to use. Not only can they search for homes on the market, but they can also search for a Realtor. 

Now let's be honest here. How many of you have activated your profile? Of the 209,720 members on Active Rain, how many have activated theirs? I would venture to say maybe 50%. I know for a fact that AR members are more conscientious as a whole, so I think the representative sample from this site would be much higher than if you just looked at NAR. 

Haven't set up your profile yet? Here's what your potential client sees when they search for you on They see a profile that hasn't been set up.

They see a bolded yellow box asking your client "Are you this person? Login to claim your profile!" 

 Picture of Activation link on
This doesn't put much confidence in the potential client that was searching for information regarding your abilities as a Realtor. They're interested in finding out as much information about a Realtor online before they ever even make the phone call to your office. Perhaps they're looking to see testimonials from previous clients, or just want to see a synopsis of the services you offer and what you and your company are all about. 

Sure you might have all this info on your company website, your personal website, your AR profile, etc.........But what if this potential client is searching specifically on for information about you? And instead of finding that information, they see a box asking them.

Are you Tyler Bolaski?

That's not going to instill much confidence in your potential client's decision to you use you as their Realtor. This might not affect everybody equally. Perhaps most of your business is referral, or from AR...then this might not affect you very much. How could it hurt though? It can only be a benefit. 


Now....what if a potential client is searching for Agents in a certain city? 

I encourage you to look for Realtors in your city. See how many agents have set (or NOT set) up their profiles on I think you will all be amazed to see how many people have not set up their profiles. 

In the case of my city: Hemet, CA......there are dozens of agents that I know personally, that have NOT set up their profile. I'd venture to say out of the 230 agents that are with our board HSJAOR....less than 20% have set up their profile. 

If I search for agents in Hemet, CA.....most of the ones with activated profiles are not actually located in Hemet. Many Temecula agents pop up, as well as Lake Elsinore. I even saw one from Mission Viejo. 

Can you really provide great expertise in the Hemet/San Jacinto area working from Mission Viejo (city over 60 miles away in a different county)??? Probably not....

But by not having your profile set up, clients are either going to search through the list to find someone from their city...........or pick one of the first activated profiles they see. 

Why? Because their profile was set up, and yours was not. When your potential client was scrolling through the list of Realtor's in your city............They saw page after page of this:

This is what your blank profile looks like without being set up. 

Pretty boring right?

This a free resource that is offered to us by being a member of NAR. There is no reason not to take advantage of it. We all pay our dues. Get out there and take advantage of what's being offered to you as part of your membership! Is it going to make or break your business? Probably not....but it can only help you!

Have your BROKER set up your profile today! And make sure everyone in YOUR office has theirs set up too!


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I was a bit nervous to follow your link because I don't recall setting up my profile.. However, there it was. Whew! Sigh of relief... It does look like it could use some updating, however, so thanks for the reminder!

Posted by Shannon Jones, Long Beach CA Real Estate (The Shannon Jones Team) about 9 years ago