View From Purcell, Oklahoma: You're a Real Estate Agent, Right? Why Don't You Work For Free?

You're a Real Estate Agent, Right? Why Don't You Work For Free?

The sad thing is...We all work for free at times.

We show buyers for weeks only to find out that 'saw a sign yesterday that was listed with XYZ Company and called them, looked and wrote an offer". (Yes, they KNOW we can show any property listed with any company, because we have shown them other listings.)

We have all shown our listings only to have an offer come in the next day written by the sister/brother/cousin/co-worker/employer's wife and flipped out. Only to be told "Well, they have a 'real' job and they told us to look with the listing agent and you wouldn't mind, since you would get the listing side. (And then we end up doing both sides because the selling agent has a real job and can only do real estate after work.) vent!!!!!

Real Estate Agents Stand Their GroundThere is lots of controversy about "stand your ground" laws in states. We won't get into that here. 

But as P-R-O-F-E-S-S-I-O-N-A-L-S ( we should be, we had to study and get a license, right) in the world, or business of real estate, there comes a point, when WE need to stand our ground. I'm not the rug at your front door, and no, you are not wiping your feet on me. 

Inspiration for this post (you know our inspiration is a realty show and then some) came in two forms. Let's take Mr. Renter first.


Mr. Renter contacted me via my website this week. He was inquirying about a listing that has already been leased. He has two dogs (only part time, when my wife has to travel.....oh pleeeeze!) He's going to be teaching at a major university and TWO hospitals, but after an email exchange, he only wants to spend $1000 or less for rent. The wife will remain in TN. 

Yes, you can find a rental in Atlanta for $1000 or less. As the showing agent, you work for free. ($50 to me is free by the time I do the showings, review a lease, do a walk through....etc.)

Mr. Renter today accused me of being short-sighted. He wants to lease for a year before he buys. 

Oh yeah...Let me work for FREE on the long shot you will buy in a year. Ah....N-O-T!! 


Ms. Buyer...we started with her some N-I-N-E months ago. We finally closed last week. After 60 days of pure h-ll because she decided to change lenders a week AFTER we were Under Contract, and picked a NATIONAL lender that has a bunch of horses in their logo....and I told her it would be h-ll, IF, repeat, IF WE EVEN close. "Well, it's better financially for me."

As soon as she made the switch, guess what? I'm a nobody to the loan officer. Mind you, said loan officer would not have a loan to do if your's truly did not have a Buyer that needed financing. Lender did not return phone calls, and made the process a nightmare. Locally, all the issues would have been solved in a week, not EIGHT WEEKS!  

As the agent, we are there to help our Buyer. But in this case, I was powerless. How can I help you Ms. Buyer, when your loan officer will not call me, or respond to emails. At the end, she's telling me to "handle this, I just can't take anymore of this."

And WHO, created this problem? By the end of this process, I was pretty much working for F-R-E-E.


More so, is Mr. Renter. No, I'm not short sighted. I'm a Real Estate Agent AND I DO NOT WORK FOR FREE!  

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Than, I don't think I like that part about the 'Real Job'. You wanna be in real estate? Do your part! That's what I would say to them. (another mini vent)

Posted by Terri Poehler, Coral Springs Real Estate Agent (Realtor) almost 7 years ago